Attention Members of Medeo Fencing Club

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Attention Members of Medeo Fencing Club

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:05 pm

Hi Medeo club members, we the moderators/admins, just wanted to set forth some guidelines on what is allowed in your posts here at If you have any questions on how to use the basic functions of forum such as posting, signatures, avatars, etc please click the 'MORE' button at the top of the forum, then click ' Site/Forum FAQ'.

1) Before posting a question, PLEASE use the SEARCH feature. You can do this by clicking the 'SEARCH' button located at the top of the site. If you don't find the information you are looking for by searching, please note that you searched in your post so others will know that you looked already. When making a new post, ESPECIALLY in the technical sections, make your title of the thread appropriate to the question/subject of the post. Do NOT post "I need help." as the title.

2) When posting, please make your best attempt to use correct spelling and grammar. No one is going to nitpick about little typos or other small/occasional mistakes. However, you are on a public forum, not a chatroom, and you are expected to act like an adult. Any posts with excessive abbreviations (r, u, etc.), 'textspeak', 'ebonics', and/or other slang will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be subject to warning, and if deemed appropriate, banning.

3) Use of inappropriate expression and the posting of spam (or spam-like links) will result in the post being edited or deleted with or without a warning and may result in possible banning. This includes links to off-site contests, polls, petitions, or sales not approved by the site Administration.

4) The use of violence or threat of bodily harm to any member, their family, or vendor will result in the post being deleted, and a warning or banning.

5) Directly opposing the decision of an administrator by posting a topic that questions the action will be subject to the post being deleted, a warning on the first offense, and from there, the ban policy will take effect. Any disputes with a moderator/admin's judgement should be handled via PM with an ADMINISTRATOR (Twisted Six or TnkrsToyCo.)

6) Advertising for any type of business or selling performance parts and other items while representing a business in any form is strictly prohibited. Advertising, unless you are pre-approved, will result in a warning for veterans, and banning of newbies. There will be exceptions made for custom Parts/Items being produced. Please contact an administrator to see if your product meets these guidelines. I.E. NO OTHER SPONSOR/VENDOR offers anything close to what you are selling.

7) You may not advertise a link to a business website of any kind in your signature or your avatar. You may not post a number to your business or your e-mail address to your business if this business pertains to the automotive aftermarket industry in any way. This includes all forms of advertising. If you want to advertise contact us by e-mail (the link is on the bottom of virtually every page.)

Cool You may not advertise another direct competing fencing club to Medeo Fencing Club in your signature or avatar. Advertising a direct competing forum in your signature and/or avatar will result in a warning or banning.

9) Anyone caught harassing another member through the private messaging system or via e-mail or any form of communication, will be subject to a warning on the first offense, and from there, the Forum ban policy will take effect.


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