Attention Members of Medeo Fencing Club: For Sale Section

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Attention Members of Medeo Fencing Club: For Sale Section

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:52 pm

Hi Medeo club members, some rules in the 'For Sale' area...

1) Advertising for any type of business or selling performance parts and other items while representing a business in any form is strictly prohibited. Advertising, unless you are pre-approved, will result in a warning for veterans, and banning of newbies. There will be exceptions made for custom Parts/Items being produced. Please contact an administrator to see if your product meets these guidelines. I.E. NO OTHER SPONSOR/VENDOR offers anything close to what you are selling.

2) You may not advertise a link to a business website of any kind in your signature or your avatar. You may not post a number to your business or your e-mail address to your business if this business pertains to the automotive aftermarket industry in any way. This includes all forms of advertising. If you want to advertise contact us by e-mail (the link is on the bottom of virtually every page.)

3) You may not advertise another direct competing fencing club to Medeo Fencing Club in your signature or avatar. Advertising a direct competing forum in your signature and/or avatar may result in a warning or banning.


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